Client Love

Dearest Kierra

I am so grateful for your quick piece of info about my heart and sacral not connecting and having a big gaping hole beneath my navel. It fit in perfectly with the issues i have been having. I used the info and delved into my own healing tool kit and I figured out that my Heart Chakra was not getting along with my sacral, nor my throat chakra. I did some work to remedy that and Spirit and body are flowing much better now.

Katy Blackmer, USA

THANK YOU, Kierra! The session definitely helped clear the blockages I was feeling. Shifts are still occurring but I feel like a flood gate was opened and have been receiving downloads from Spirit. I’m so glad we connected as well and send you so much love and gratitude.

Denise Armijillo, USA

A Lot of times you will run across people who say they have certain abilities when in fact they don’t. Let’s be honest it happens more than it should. HOWEVER Kierra is not in that category. She posses abilities that truly heal, truly empower and guide others. Her energy pulls you in, and then she helps heal the person.

I have been following Kierra for some time now, watching her youtube stream, watching her group and taking in all the knowledge she offers to others.

I had a healing session with her this past sunday and it was mind blowing. It was literally soul surgery. It was intense, it was emotional and it was spot on. I am still awestruck about her healing session with me.

Kierra is amazing and her work is stunning! There are not words long enough, big enough nor complimentary enough to explain the powers she posses. They are truly exquisite and I am blown away from my session and purity of the session.

Thank you Kierra! I appreciate the work you do and the healing you provided me. It truly was life altering and I am so glad I got this session with you and I can’t wait to continue more with you!  

Kelsey Goble, USA

I got spot healing on Kierra’s live. It was absolutely amazing. Thanks for your time and energy. You’re amazing Kierra.

Alex Mack, USA (monthly spot energy healing via Facebook)

Awesome.. Kierra worked with me.. She has things amazing gifts.. She is like mind reader and soul reader.. She helped me to understand my life and my journey…my soul process… I would recommend her to anyone that is seeking wisdom, healing and teachings.. Loved it.

Rohit Sharma , India

Wonderful to work with. Could feel you Working on me. Thank you Kierra

Carolyn Moore-Brown , USA (monthly psychic spot healing via Facebook)

Kierra has inspired me to take action in ways I have never thought I could. She is amazing to work with; a blissful life changing experience that I am so eternally grateful for. She is so caring, loving, authentic and so profoundly connected. I love her energy!

Sage Host, Canada

Kierra brings the healing fire with fierce goddess wisdom. I had a session 2 days ago, and since have a lot of debris and energy blockages cleared. You don’t know what you have until it’s cleared! Love yourself and get a session. Thanks Kierra, you’re amazing.

Kellen William Seer , USA

There needs to be a greater awareness for multidimensional healing. Kierra saved my life! If it wasn’t for her I may have ended up in a space that was not for my highest good. She’s helped me grow and evolve in amazing ways. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Misty Breshears, USA

My name is Nicole Partida, I just want to take a second to express my absolute gratitude, love and appreciation of Kierra King. She has been an absolute God send. She has helped me to move forward, achieve a whole new level of personal growth, help close doors where I struggle to know how and understand abd know who I am on a soul level. I thank God everyday for bringing her into my life. She is beyong beautiful, not just the exterior but her soul is beautiful, compassionate and extremely empathetic / understanding. I would give her the highest rating, and recommend her over everyone else I have ever worked with (which is a lot). She is gifted, and I’m so lucky to know her. A teacher, a friend, a healer, a psychic, and so much more. I don’t think words would do her justice. Thank you from the depths of my soul. Nicki

Nicole Partida, USA