It is possible to easily reveal purpose, clarity and gently open your heart effortlessly.

We contain a deep coded intuitive action based path when we align with our higher-self; but often we may think ‘how’ or ‘what is the next step’?

I am devoted to offering the opportunity for spiritual people to powerfully transform through intensive 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 1-year Soul Code Coaching™  programs; innately designed for intuitive professionals born to embody their divine higher-self.

When you sign up with me you’ll:

  • Clear mental fog.
  • Establish self-trust.
  • Follow your intuition.
  • Begin or deepen your existing spiritual practices.
  • Structure your life according to your higher-self.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Heal past traumas that keep you subconsciously “stuck”.
  • Create more adventure in your life.
  • Devote more time to you.
  • Create more connection in your relationships.
  • Open your chakras and auric field for optimal energy flow.
  • Have more confidence and communicate your truths.
  • Set up a womb care plan and connect with your womb consciousness.
  • Receive spiritual tools sent to your home each month for ritual.
  • Learn to bring “you” into all areas of your life, including the workplace.
  • Use comprehensive energy healing techniques.
  • Become a certified Reiki Master.
  • Auto-enroll in spiritual evolution courses.

There are 4 tiers to Soul Code Coaching explained below and affordable payment plans are always offered. Make sure you read to the end to view the week-by-week snapshots!!!

“Sacred Revealing” automatic 6 months and 1-year auto-enroll into all spiritual development programs including accredited certification programs. Perfect for the spiritual seeker who craves multiple quantum leaps in their path.

“Paradigm Shift” is for the dedicated spiritualist who is open for profound evolution and weekly action.

“Expansion” is the perfect option for the intuitive who craves their higher-self and optimizing flow in daily life.

“The Next Step” is ONLY offered as a one-month support system. Great for the devotional spiritualist who is ready to unlock their potential.

The embodiment of our higher self generates automatic alignment and perception SO YOU CAN easily:

  • Understand the intelligence of your feelings
  • Leverage your spiritual path to a deeper devotion to higher consciousness
  • Enhance creativity and life-force energy
  • Adopt a simple and positive mindset
  • Create more intimacy within relationships
  • Express higher truths through the power of vulnerability
  • Fulfill soul purpose and satisfaction in career, hobbies, service
  • Integrate the energy of your divine masculine and divine feminine aspects
  • Connect deeper to your inner being through the use of practical spiritual tools
  • Engage with yogic practices to transcend energetic “blocks”
  • Shift your boundaries to where you are a priority in your life.

If you know me, you know I value connection, honesty, transparency and making it safe for us to expose, accept and heal our “skeletons-in-the-closet”-together. We don’t have to do this alone and that is why Soul Code Coaching ™ was created.

With over 10 years of experience, I have been able to learn how to use a variety of my spiritual gifts in order to help facilitate sacred space for us to mend and enhance our bond to our inner being.

When we commit wholeheartedly to dramatic change there are two responses that can happen. We either feel excited and are willing to do anything possible to shift, or we create reasons why we cannot commit to realizing our potential. This adventure together allows you to embrace follow-through in all areas of your life.

Working with a psychic spiritual coach, holistic practitioner, yoga teacher, and seasoned energy worker is different-period.

I am easily able to perceive the layers of the unseen to create more self-awareness. You are able to shift safely and effortlessly embrace your highest alignment, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I interpret exactly how your soul is broadcasting for spiritual mending, mental clarity, and intuitive action and we construct this evolution together.

This occurs with each session by increasing connection to the soul. Through discipline, sacred healing space, vulnerability, yogic practices and listening to your inner knowing you uncover your tools to master the next phase of your life.

Remember, working with me is a NO judgment zone, it’s safe to unwind and express your badass self!

Soul Code Coaching is a journey inward that safely leads you to your inner-being so you can lean into trusting your higher-self and act accordingly. Over 1 year or 3-4 months you have the advantage of working with a psychic spiritual coach, holistic practitioner and yoga teacher to fully support your growth.

Each year I open space for 9 people for Soul Code Coaching. If you desire to unclutter the heart and become emotionally receptive in all areas of your life, apply below. Along with discounts at “The Shop” (% of sales allows veterans, youth and families enter safe housing), energy healing certifications, beginning or enhance your existing spiritual practice you are welcome to apply now.

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