Surrender in times of uncertainty

The ebbs and flows of life can rock us.

At times during our spiritual journey, our life can shift in an instant and we can turn inward and our surroundings that once comforted the spirit are foreign.

There is a sacred beginning, middle and end to the cycles in our lives.

We may have come to a point where we outgrow ourselves, relationships and find want to identify where we are as being, “in-a-rut.”

But that is further from the truth.

It is OK to feel every ounce of your experience; especially as a spiritual being. But it is in the glimpses of the moments of uncertainty that can propel us to expand and reach higher if we allow.

We are resilient beings. We are naturally moving forward to the harmonization of mind, body and spirit even if it does not look like a picture perfect image such as those broadcast on magazines or mainstream media.

Up-rooting happens.

It just does.

We may want to cling, hide and lash-out or we can choose to be mindful.

Ishvara Pranidhana is the mantra we can use during times of growth spurts. Ishvara connects us to the supreme being/God/Creator/Spirit and Pranidhana means to surrender in Sanskrit.

When we act with devotion we are strengthening our connection to the universe and the all-knowing aspects of our soul.

We are always supported, even when we may be cracking at the seems. We are part of the sacred circle of life.

We are the beginning.

We are the middle.

We are the end and we repeat.

Remember to trust the process and more importantly, yourself.

Kierra is a wife and mother of 3 with over a 10 year background in holistic health, energy healing, yoga and the metaphysical arts. She has a knack for working with spirited intuitives and women who are connecting deeper to the core of their divine feminine essence. She offers 1:1 sessions for spiritual growth or her signature Soul Code Coaching program to transform your life.