Womb Code Ltd., Womb Steams

Womb Code womb steams are created with you in mind.

As a mother of 3 children, I had to find a way to heal not only my body but the spiritual side of the womb.

The Kali, Aphrodite and Gaia blends are blends I use in my own steaming routine as well as the Womb Code 432hz music (found on this website)!

I hope you enjoy as each blend has a unique approach to help the chakras and energy body align.

Womb steaming has been practiced by women for decades. Women in the west are now learning about the ancient practice of womb steaming as a way for healing prolapse, lessening monthly cramps, melting cyts and fibroids and balancing hormones.

There are numerous benefits to adding vaginal steaming to your feminine hygiene routine.

The Gaia blend is great for calming and relaxation and designed to help ground to strengthen the root chakra.

The Aphrodite blend is an uplifting, floral blend that invigorates joy and happiness. Designed to open the brow chakra.

The Kali blend is a cleansing blend designed for spiritual healing in the womb and heart chakras.

Womb Code Ltd., donates a percentage of all product sales to Posada of Pueblo, CO which helps homeless veterans, families and youth get off the streets and into safe stable housing.

If you are considering adding womb steaming to your business please reach out to me via email and ask about the affiliate program! https://thekierrakking.com/contact-me/

Book a consultation now for a customized womb steam plan or inquire about my custom womb work energy healing sessions.

Made with so much love,

Kierra King