Womb Code Ltd. 432hz music was channeled and created with the intention to strengthen the womb-heart connection and bridge us to the essence of the universal mother. These meditations, visualizations, 432hz frequencies and music is designed to gently open the energy of the womb. You will access ultimate soul remembrance and spiritual rejuvenation. There is no other creation like this on the planet to assist us to spiritually evolve and raise our vibration around the divine feminine essence. Please enjoy!

Theta : A journey like no other! Cleanse, purify and bask in the energy of Gaia, a true homecoming!

Beta : We are seeds of love in the universe. Connect your womb to the infinite brilliance and nourishment of the milky way womb space!

Theta : Activates and enhances the existing consciousness between your soul and the divine mother omnipresence!

Beta : Takes you inward to the original vibration of your heart and womb space. Gently connects the subtle energy to reinforce unconditional love!  

Theta : Opens the vital creative force between the womb and sacral sexual energy. Deepen the connection and purify! 

Gamma : Lifts the energy of the womb space and opens the energetic canal to the cosmic womb of creation. A remembrance to your infinite connection to the cosmic mother!

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About 432Hz Music

This music produced by New Life Frequencies and Womb Code Ltd. is tuned to 432Hz which is the natural resonant frequency of the human body. This supports you in aligning your natural vibration so you can embody your higher self through enhanced spiritual awareness of your own energy field. Each track is tuned to a particular intention and contains frequencies channeled that naturally support your growth.

432Hz music is known to bring consciousness into alignment with higher power and is widely used throughout the world for healing, meditation, and spiritual growth. 432Hz refers to a system of quantum frequencies, all of which are known for their power to harmonize the body’s energy fields; undoing and releasing negative interference.


The Theta brainwave state opens creative places in the imagination that allow you to suspend your normal programming and vividly imagine a new way of being where you simply and easily release all obsolete patterns that no longer serve you so you can move forward with ease


The beta state is the normal waking state. In this state you can fully absorb and integrate vibrational information into your awareness; easily and intuitively processing this higher frequency energy and fluidly applying it to your daily life.  


This brainwave state is linked to transcendental spiritual experiences. It is not normally experienced in day to day life. This is where your brainwaves increase in frequency to such a point that your whole vibration powerfully elevates your awareness meaning you can access insights and information that may have previously been unavailable. This is what scientists refer to as “EUREKA” moments. This is the energetic frequency band where many people gain HUGE breakthroughs in their psyche leading to a greatly improved understanding in how they experience themselves.

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